Founder and President Greetings

We teach each and every student sincerely and offer high-quality education. Our goal is that students can use English however they want. I believe this goal comes true through fun learning experiences and effort. Due to the size of the school, teachers and students are able to have a close relationship. Students can speak freely with teachers. Teachers and learners can share a lot of things. Many students can continue to learn over a period of time at HES.

We put a value on the basics because I have truly learned how important the basics are. I spent a total of seven years studying and working in the United States. There was some time that I couldn’t pronounce well even though native speakers taught me the pronunciation. Sometimes it was difficult to understand what others were saying. I couldn’t speak fluently enough for others to understand me either. However, I studied phonics after I returned to Japan, and surprisingly, I was able to hear English clearly and use English that others could understand without trouble. By restudying basic English grammar, I was able to speak with confidence. I emphasize again that we value the basics. We will repeat the same materials over and over until students can use the language. I believe having a solid foundation creates confidence, and that confidence creates courage that eventually leads to the encouragement for learners to use English.

As globalization continues to grow, there is a stronger need in Japan to foster people who are competent in English. It is essential that one acquires English that is practical and usable. The times have changed tremendously and the method of studying should be evolving as well. Thus, in 2019, 7 years after the establishment of HES, I am determined to study more about English education and research second language acquisition as a foreign language at Osaka Kyoiku University. I actively apply what I have learned to create an effective and efficient curriculum utilizing ITC technology. I would like to support people to acquire English while living in Japan.

Today, it is common to interact with people from diverse cultures. To the best of my ability, I would like to encourage students to have a broad perspective, a firm opinion, to develop flexibility, and be able to create their own path. At HES, we strive to provide quality lessons and services. In order to improve, we offer a variety of courses suited to one’s personality and environment. Anyone from elementary school students to seniors can take lessons. I believe every encounter is a treasure. We hope to grow together with you.

Thank you.

Founder and President Miho Kanai